Prom is Coming Up! Top 23 Best Prom Songs

Updated on October 21, 2023

Need songs for your playlist? We've got you covered! Here are the top 23 prom songs that everyone will love, from romantic ballads to energetic dance tracks to throwback classics

1. "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston

This powerful and long-lasting love song was first a hit in the 1970s for Dolly Parton, and Whitney Houston's famous 1992 version made it even more popular. 

Whitney Houston's powerful singing and sincere performance made "I Will Always Love You" a memorable prom theme.

Her voice starts softly in the verses and then gets stronger and more emotional in the chorus. This makes it a great song to sway to with someone special under twinkling lights.

Whitney Houston is considered the Prom Queen of Soul According to many Twitter sources. 

Houston's version of the song is still a classic prom song, even many years after it was first released.

2. "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers 

"Unchained Melody" is a timeless song with a beautiful melody that perfectly captures the romance of prom night.

The Righteous Brothers' easy voices and the song's lovely instruments create a classic, emotional feeling, perfect for holding each other and dancing close together.

Many people on Twitter agree that "Unchained Melody" is a classic song for proms.

It must be on your playlist because it is a doo-wop song with simple lyrics about wanting to hold a lover.

3. "Endless Love" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

Lady Diana Ross and Lionel Richie sing beautifully about romantic love in this 80s duet.

Diana Ross's beautiful voice and Lionel Richie's smooth singing make "Endless Love" a touching song with its flowing strings and heartfelt words about love that keeps growing.

The slow, romantic song is often played at weddings and proms because it is perfect for dancing with your loved one.

Express your feelings on the dance floor with this classic song.

4. "Oops!... I Did It Again" by Britney Spears

Britney Spears' 2000 mega-hit is a fun and upbeat song that adds some cheer to your playlist.

Its flirty lyrics, strong beat, and Britney Spears' cute vocals made "Oops!" a fun and campy song that was popular at proms in the early 2000s.

The song's catchy rhythm and upbeat mood make it a great choice to get people dancing and feeling nostalgic.

Many Twitter users believe this song should be played at proms. 

Enjoy the best of Britney's pop with this fun and classic prom song.

5. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith

This slow and powerful love song is often played at proms.

It's a romantic song that features powerful vocals and emotional lyrics. 

Its lyrics express the feeling of wanting to make the most of every minute with your loved ones on this special night.

The song's high guitar solo and strong drumming make it a great choice for a slow dance at prom.

"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is a classic prom song that will make you and your classmates remember this night forever.

6. "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra

This beautiful love song features Frank Sinatra's smooth and rich voice, accompanied by a full orchestra.

The song's lyrics are great for prom because they describe the happiness of loving and admiring your partner.

"The Way You Look Tonight" is a classy and stylish song that is perfect for a formal event like prom.

This song will take you back in time and create a magical dance floor atmosphere.

7. "Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake 

This song is a new addition to prom playlists, but it's already very popular.

It's a moving pop song with Justin Timberlake's high-pitched voice and a tune that gets stuck in your head

The song's lyrics are about enjoying the present moment and forgetting about worries.

The chorus, "Can't stop the feeling, so just dance, dance, dance," is a perfect fit for prom, because it tells everyone to have fun.  

Its catchy rhythm and upbeat production make it great for dancing or singing along with friends.

"Can't Stop the Feeling!" is a great song for parties and proms because it makes people want to dance and enjoy the music. 

8. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran

"Perfect" is a slow, beautiful love song that would be great for dancing with your date at prom.

Its lyrics express a couple's love for each other and how they are perfect for one another. 

The soft guitar strumming and piano melody create a calm and cozy mood, perfect for a slow dance.

Ed Sheeran's beautiful voice makes the song even more special, perfect for a night like prom.

9. "At Last" by Etta James

"At Last" is a famous love song that has been sung by many singers. Etta James' version is still the best. 

This song has a soulful and jazzy vibe. It would be a unique addition to your prom playlist. 

The lyrics about finding love after a long search are timeless and will appeal to many students

This song has a moderate beat, so it's good for slow dancing.

10. "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge

When a Man Loves a Woman" is another classic love song that would be great for dancing at prom. 

Its lyrics speak about the depth of a man's love for his partner and how he would do anything for her. 

The song's soulful and emotive delivery, combined with its steady tempo, make it perfect for a slow dance. 

Also, it has been a staple of prom playlists for decades, so it's a tried-and-true choice that won't disappoint.

11. "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne

Sk8er Boi is a fast-paced song that would be great for dancing or singing along to at prom.

The song's catchy chorus and punk-pop vibe would get everyone on their feet and dancing. 

The song's lyrics tell a story of young love and rebellion that many high school students can relate to.

The song has a fun and enjoyable spirit that would fit well with the cheerful and festive atmosphere of prom.

12. "I Swear" by All-4-One

This R&B ballad, inspired by the doo-wop style, was a big hit in the mid-1990s for the four-part harmony group All-4-One.

"I Swear" is a sweet and romantic song with a beautiful melody and lyrics that promise everlasting love. It's perfect for slow dancing under the stars.

Lines like "I'll give you everything I can/I'll build your dreams with these two hands." capture the hope and passion of young romance. 

Let this old-fashioned love song serenade you and your loved one.

13. "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden

Australian pop duo Savage Garden's 2010  pop ballad "Truly Madly Deeply" was a huge prom slow dance hit. 

Darren Hayes's heartfelt vocals and the song's soft music make it a sweet and romantic song that's perfect for dancing close with your partner

The lyrics of this song express the desire to be someone's everything and love them forever.

It's no surprise that this global hit became a prom classic. Its romanticism and Hayes' heartfelt singing make it feel like it was written just for your special night.

14. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

Christina Perri's ballad "A Thousand Years" was a popular song for proms in 2011. 

It is about immortal love, but it can also be about high school romance.

Lines like "I have died every day waiting for you/Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you" are perfect for dancing with your true love under sparkling lights.

Perri's beautiful and powerful pop music can make your prom night feel amazing.

15. "All of Me" by John Legend

"All of Me" is a beautiful love song that perfectly captures the feeling of being in love.

Its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody create a magical atmosphere that will make prom night unforgettable.

It has pop, soul, and R&B elements, so it appeals to many different people. 

The soft piano melody with quiet strings and drums will create a calming and musical background that prom guests will love.

Whether you like new or old love songs, you'll probably like "All of Me."

16. "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

"Thinking Out Loud" is a romantic ballad that would be perfect for a slow dance at prom. 

Its lyrics speak about being in love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. 

Ed Sheeran's soft singing and the song's gentle melody create a cozy and romantic mood that is perfect for couples to dance to.

It is also a popular choice among teenagers, so many students would likely know and enjoy it. 

The song is also classic, so it would be a good choice for prom. It would be a nice change of pace from faster songs.

17. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" by Beyoncé

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" is an iconic song that would be perfect for a girls' anthem at prom. 

The song's lyrics are about being independent and loving yourself. Beyoncé's strong voice and the song's catchy melody will make everyone dance. 

Its message of women's power would also appeal to many female students, making it a good choice for a girls' group dance.

This track is easy to dance to and has a strong beat. It would be a great choice for a prom playlist.

18. "We Found Love" by Rihanna, Calvin Harris

"We Found Love" is a fast and fun song that is perfect for dancing with friends at prom.

Its lyrics talk about finding love in unexpected places. It also has a catchy melody and Rihanna sings it with power.

This track will make everyone stand up and sing along.

The song's EDM beat would also please students who like this genre.

This song has a young and fun spirit, which would fit well with the energy and excitement of prom night.

19. "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

"Uptown Funk" is a fun and upbeat song that would be perfect for a lively dance party at prom. 

This song's catchy melody and energetic rhythm would get everyone on their feet and grooving to the music. 

The old-school sound of the song, which mixes funk, soul, and R&B from the 80s would also appeal to many students, from those who like classic funk to those who prefer modern pop.

The song's joyful and upbeat lyrics would create a fun and cheerful atmosphere at prom, which is perfect for such a special occasion.

20. "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran

"Shape of You" is a sensual song that would be perfect for a slow dance at prom. 

Ed Sheeran's soft singing and the song's sweet melody create a romantic mood, perfect for partners to share an intimate moment.

Its lyrics talk about the beauty and wonder of a person's body. It resonates with many students who are experiencing the new and exciting feelings of first love.

byu/brian-808 from discussion

According to Reddit users this song is ideal for a slow jam at prom. 

The acoustic guitar and percussion in this song would be a nice change from other songs on your prom playlist, offering a more relaxed and natural sound.

21. "Brave" by Sara Bareilles

"Brave" is a strong and uplifting song that must be on your playlist.

Its catchy chorus and positive lyrics would inspire students to be themselves and express themselves freely, which would be a great theme for prom.

Students who are struggling with self-doubt may also appreciate the song's message of empowerment and self-acceptance, which is a positive and reassuring message that is perfect for a high school audience.

The song's fast beat and catchy tune make it easy to dance to and sing along with, so everyone can enjoy it

22. "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sound so good together in the song from the movie "A Star is Born."

The song's moving melody and sincere lyrics create a loving and cozy atmosphere, perfect for a special moment between two people.

Many students will relate to the song's message of longing and desire, especially those who are experiencing the excitement of a new relationship.

"Shallow" has been a huge success, winning awards like the Oscar for Best Song. 

The piano and orchestra make the song deep and complex, making it a great choice for a prom playlist.

23. "Marry Me" by Train

"Marry Me" is a romantic track that would be the perfect fit for a prom playlist. 

The lyrics express that you want to spend your life with someone, which many students will understand. 

The soft guitar and Patrick Monahan's soothing voice create a dreamy atmosphere perfect for a memorable prom night.

It's the kind of song that will make you want to slow dance with your partner and create a lasting memory.

These are the top 23 prom songs that will make your prom night unforgettable. Whether you want to slow dance with your date, get the party started with your friends, or play a mix of genres as a DJ, these songs are sure to get everyone dancing and singing.

So go ahead, give them a listen, and see which ones make it onto your prom playlist.